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March 31, 2020 3 min read

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of work and home life. Before you know it, weeks or months have gone by with much of the same. Getaway wants to change that by offering their guests tiny home and cabin stays that help them unplug and relax in nature.

We are lucky to have a Getaway House located just a few hours outside of Portland and went to reset for a night. The drive from Portland to Getaway Mount Adams takes you through the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area and has many places to sightsee along the way. Check in time is later in the afternoon which gives you time to grab lunch and enjoy the drive. A favorite place for us to stop for a bite is Sugarpine, an old drive-in turned into a delicious destination restaurant serving up tasty sandwiches and soft serve. Not much further down the highway is the very popular but very awesome Multnomah Falls. If you’d like to walk your lunch off, there is a two mile hike up to the top of the 620ft falls. Or, just take in the view from the bottom and enjoy some of the mist hitting you.

Multnomah Falls Oregon Rumpl
Mount Adams Washington Rumpl Getaway

The rest of the drive along the gorge is a scenic experience in itself, and in the wetter months you can see waterfalls cascading down the rock faces along the way. After crossing the Hood River Bridge into Washington you start to head up towards Mount Adams. If the day is clear and with recent snow, as it was when we drove the route, Mount Adams stands out brilliantly in the landscape.

Mount Adams snow covered peak Getaway Rumpl

Before arriving at the Getaway House everything has been texted and emailed to you to make things simple. They even remind you multiple times to download the map ahead of time since there is no service or wifi. Your house is all set when you arrive and enter. One of the first items you see on the table is a “Cell Phone Lockbox” to help remind you to unplug during your stay. A very nice folder also includes many answers to the questions you may initially have. The house is small but has everything you will need for a retreat: a bathroom, shower, and even a small kitchen with a fridge. The most notable feature is the big comfy bed next to the window looking out at nature.Outside there is a fire pit with wood in a box for you, a few chairs, and a picnic table.

Getaway cabin Rumpl
Rumpl deepwater blanket inside a Getaway cabin
Getaway cabin at night with a campfire and Rumpl blanket

Once we were settled in, we took a little walk in the crisp air and then started a fire in the firepit. With no worry of rain, we cooked over the fire’s open flames and warmed up. The Rumpl blanket we brought along made things extra cozy and we stayed outside well into the evening stargazing.

Waking up to all the natural light pouring in felt very comforting. The large window makes it feel as if you are sleeping outside, but with the convenience of a heater a roof over your head. Being unplugged from wifi or cell reception helps you escape the checking of your phone or emails first thing in the morning and really relax. There are even a few books on hand if you forgot to bring yours and need something to do. Or, just stare out your big window and hope some deer walk by.

Australian shepherd dog on top of a Rumpl blanket inside of a Getaway house

After an evening and morning of being totally unplugged from the world Getaway helps remind you that there is more to life than what is on a screen in front of you. Even just a day trip is a refreshing break from the day to day hustle of city life. Getaway helps you disconnect mindfully and leaves you with some takeaways to help you practice that in your daily life.


Reflective window of a Getaway House in nature
Australian shepherd Rumpl
Rumpl Ripple fade blanket on a bed inside a Getaway House
Man reading a book laying under a Rumpl down blanket inside his Getaway House


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