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March 31, 2020 3 min read

It’s resolution season! With the holidays behind us, we wanted to look ahead to the new year and find ways to look towards the future responsibly. We’re excited to announce that, starting January 1st, Rumpl will be fully partnered with 1% For The Planet. 1% of every blanket, towel, poncho and piece of gear will go towards keeping our outdoor playgrounds green and clean. Don't have any resolutions yet? Check out our list and see how Rumpl can help make 2020 the best year yet.



One of our 2019 resolutions was to recycle more and use less plastic. To date, we’ve turned over 3 Million plastic bottles into blankets and other Rumpl products. When you purchase one of our products made of post consumer recycled material, you’re helping us add to that count. So you can stick to your resolution to recycle more and stay cozy while doing it.


You Need: Shammy Towel

Let’s go ahead and kick it all off with a big one. So a marathon isn’t enough for you? You want to pack a little open water and a Tour De France stage into a single day. Any triathlete will tell you that the gear they need to lug around every day to train before work rivals an overstuffed carry-on bag, so keeping things light is key. For drying off after those early-morning swims, or lunchtime runs, we recommend the Shammy Towel. It’s soft, absorbent and takes up a tiny amount of space. Plus, it looks a hell of a lot nicer hanging off your office door handle than your decade-old bath towel (seriously, switch those out).


You Need: Stuffable Pillowcase

“We should go to Vietnam!” you say. Then you look at flights and realize they are 15+ hours long. Before your resolution to travel more gets sidetracked before the champagne hangover dissipates, there are ways to make a long-haul flight comfortable, no matter where you’re traveling. Chief among them is a good travel pillow. Not one of those padded toilet rings you wrap around your neck, no you need a Stuffable Pillowcase. It fits into a stuff sack the size of a baseball, and when you wake up you’ll be on the other side of the world.


You Need:Sherpa Puffy

They say President Roosevelt read one book a day. We call BS. Even the most avid bookworms at Rumpl HQ can do a book a week at most. The key to their success? A warm blanket that keeps them locked to the couch and lost in whatever story they’ve chosen. So if you want to finally get started on those Game of Thrones books everyone stopped talking about a few months ago, snuggle up under a Sherpa Puffy Blanket.


You Need: Original Puffy

Did you know there’s a whole world out there? If you’ve ever heard of Rumpl, of course you know that. But still, even just driving a few miles outside of whatever city or town you live in can yield some big adventures, from hiking trails, outdoor concerts, to hidden campgrounds. So if your New Year’s resolution is to simply see more of everything around you, grab our Original Puffy for when you want to crash and take it all in. Durable and water-resistant, it’s the perfect companion for anyone that wants to wander.


You Need: Stash Mat

Whether you’re jumping back and forth from soccer practices, trying to entertain a toddler, or looking to reconnect with your adult siblings, spending time with fam is so much better when you’re all comfortable. Grab a Stash Mat for those family reunions in the park, beach days, or play dates. This ground cover packs down to fit in your tote bag, and it’ll keep the whole family dry and happy.


You Need: Loki X Rumpl Travel Dog Bed

Not all resolutions need to be difficult. In fact, this one is pretty much a slam dunk. But it still needs to be said, you should spend more time with your dog. The key to making 2020 a year full of adventures with your pup? Keeping them comfy on the road, on the trail, or anywhere else you decide to explore. Our latest blanket is made just for dogs! The Loki X Rumpl Travel Dog Bed is the most packable, comfortable dog bed ever made. Puffy on one side, Sherpa on the reverse, it lets your pooch pick their comfort level, no matter where the trail leads. Back it now on Kickstarter!