October 08, 2020 1 min read

Why a Throw Blanket?

The Goldilocks of blankets, Rumpl Sherpa Flannel and Polar Puffy throws are designed to be a cozy accessory you’ll actually use. Our throw blanket sizes are designed to be effortlessly placed in your living room, cabin, guest room, or anywhere you want to reach for a plush, premium warmth without thinking twice.

Which Throw Blanket is Right For Me?

To start, most people ask how big is a throw blanket? Both The Sherpa Flannel and Polar Puffy throw blankets dimensions are 50” x 70” making them the ideal throw blanket size for curling up in front of the fire, watching Netflix on the couch, or keeping at the end of the bed when the covers get stolen. Our throw blanket sizes are perfect for one person to wrap up in, or for two who don’t mind snuggling up to share (if you’ll share that is,) but not so big that it becomes a bulky distraction when not in use.

What Size is a Throw Blanket?

At 50 x 70”, our Sherpa Flannel and Polar Puffy blankets are just the right throw blanket sizes for draping over the couch, keeping in your bedroom, or easily storing wherever you want plush, fleecy warmth. Throw blanket dimensions are different from traditional bed sizing because they are designed to provide plush warmth in a variety of living spaces and situations.