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April 09, 2020 2 min read

If you’re like us, you have an extra  Beer Blanket hanging out in your backpack, kitchen drawer, or center console. Why not use it for good? Rumpl’s Product Manager Jeff thought the same thing. Check out his super-easy how-to and learn how with just four supplies and a few minutes, you can create your very own Beer Blanket  face mask.

We should probably tell you that we are blanket experts, not PPE or infectious disease specialists. Please check out the CDC’s instructions for creating a cloth face mask and do your own research to stay safe and healthy. But if you’re in need of a face mask, and you’ve got an extra Beer Blanket lying around, read on!

Here’s what you’ll need:

- 1 Rumpl Beer Blanket

- 2 Rubber bands, hair ties, tie straps, elastic bands, shoelaces etc. You can get creative here.

- 1 Sewing needle & thread (or sewing machine)

- 4-6 Sewing pins (optional, but helps to fold edge and stitch straight)

Step 1:

Flip the Beer Blanket inside out and cut away the criss-cross straps.

Step 2:

Cut the main seam so that the Beer Blanket can open and lay flat.

Step 3:

Lay the Beer Blanket flat and position your band or strap on the edge. Fold the edge over the band. If you have sewing pins, use them here to help keep the fold as you stitch the edge.

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 on the other side.

Step 5:

Check fit. If it's too tight, you can loop additional hairbands to extend the length.

Step 6:

Experiment! Add different fold and stitches to try different mask shapes.

Thanks for being a good human! Share your Beer Blanketface mask with us on Instagram @Gorumpl, and we’ll post some of our favorites. We hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy. Stay cozy, friends!