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May 10, 2023 3 min read


Shae Anthony

Atlanta, Georgia

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Shae Anthony is an Atlanta-based artist who was inspired by the lack of BIPOC representation in commercial art to create art and illustrations that celebrate women of color and their unique experiences.


"Even when it seems like everything has been done, you are one of a kind. So as an artist, you have no choice but to create uniqueness."

Tell us about your passions and how they transfer to your pieces.

I'm very passionate about DIY and furniture design, which is my favorite hobby. I love how a few random pieces of wood can turn into something amazing. I take this same approach with my art. Sometimes I just put random shapes on the screen and see what I can make with them to get a piece going.


Is there a specific environment or material that is integral to your work?

My mouse or a pen and paper are really all I need to get going with an illustration.


What’s one goal you have for yourself this year?

One goal I have for myself this year is to travel more. I really took this on heavy in 2020 and then the world stopped. This year, I'm going to put that back into action. I've gotten so much inspiration through traveling, and I want to continue being inspired by different places.


Where are you from and how would you describe the type of art that you create?

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia - born and raised. I would describe my art as vibrant, colorful and in some ways a form of contemporary story-telling.


Are there any themes you incorporate into your art?

I aim to share the everyday life of being a woman of color and I use abstract design, line work, bold colors and typography to help tell these stories.


What was your inspiration behind the color palette and design of your Rumpl Blanket?

I thought of how I'd use the blanket. I pictured being in a park and picking a spot. There would be these beautiful tiny flowers laying just beneath me but a bit out of reach. What would they look like on a summer day? Now let's make them huge and dial those hues up!

What’s your biggest motivation for creating?

I love when people tell me that my art makes them happy, or they see themselves in my work. I feel the exact same way, so being able to share those moments with people is always so beautiful to me. It keeps me motivated to not just do what I love, but to continue sharing it with others.


Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice I've been given is that even when it seems like everything has been done, you are one of a kind, so as an artist, you have no choice but to create uniqueness.

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